TDZ July 6, 2022 — The Dying ZOG Video — Not my ZOG-circus, NOT my ZOG hippy mamzer faggot shooter.

(But if he had killed serious ZOGbot piglice then he would be eligible for enlistment in The Gibeonite Anti-ZOG Brigade)

Pastor Lindstedt points out that it is open shooting season no bag limit by all manner of ZOGling. Looking at the shooter he was someone who looks seriously messed up in the head but had sufficient cunning to buy 4 or 5 guns, hide his tattoos with makeup and impersonate a woman. He shot a bunch of ZOGlings after planning it out and left one of his guns at the crime scene. Then he got away clean and allegedly was planning to shoot ZOG piglice in Wisconsin when caught by standard police work of tracing the gun serial number and the vehicle registration.

The position of the Aryan Nations of Missouri is that these mass shootings are either the work of diseased ZOGling ‘minds’ — the niggers shoot each other all the time — or has a religious, racial political agenda and if to bring about the destruction of ZOG/Babylon and if it targets jews, mamzers, non-whites and/or ZOG officials or piglice is thoroughly justified as a means to save YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel. Thus Dylann Storm Roof, Robert Bowers, Peyton Gederon are doing YHWH’s Work of making it clear to ZOG and ZOGlings that ZOG cannot save itself much less ZOGlings. Accordingly they and others doing YHWH’s Work in bringing about the Great Tribulation are Prisoners of War and while they can and will be coonfined until the Collapse of ZOG/Babylon they cannot be [t]executed without ZOG buying a ton of civil warfare reprisals.

The purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri is to legitimize these political shootings as a form of counter domestic terrorism against ZOG-sponsored genocide and terrorism against YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel and thus this video explains why while offenses must needs cum in ZOG’s Destruction woe betide the ZOGlings caught in the crossfire!

Start Time (EDT): 07/06/22 2:00 AM CST
Duration (minutes): 15 Minutes +.



Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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