Try to Hold it Together Moan Bradifer:

The Trump Coalition Is Still Intact


Here’s a poseur:

Can there be an Accidental Dissent if Mattoid ZOGtard Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin “cycles” into ZOGbot Cunthair Walrus and pisses down its leg and runs for the tall grass or is simply sent back to the Cackle Factory like George III ?

(I know whereof I speak as both of us has been locked up in a NutHouse, me for not accepting a pub[l]ic pretender you because Father knows Best. NutHouse ‘living’ is no grate fun.)

What will happen to the Cult of Branch Covidiamism (as opposed to liking the Dylann Storm Coof removing elderly sick niggers as a very good good thing because the fewer niggers running wild and free range in the ZOGland the better) or the ZOGtarded claim that ZOGing whigger MAGA-TrumpTards were not disenfranchised by Dirtriot, Philthydelphia, Milwaukee & [Tw]Attlanta She-Boons stuffing Chinkina voting machines to Steal the [S]Election if there is no more Accidental Dipshit run by Bi-Polar Bradifer / Cunthair Walrus? Where else can we get our fix of Twats from Twits & Toxic Internet Gorp mixed in with Neo-Southron Fried Shitheadedness? Where else (except everywhere in Whigger Nutsionalism 2.0+) can we sidestep the question cooncerning what a ZOG Suckcessor State will do with all them damn niggers & jews?

The best thing which could happen is Neo-Trumpism without the ZOG-Emperor, having him becum-cum removed by jewfected Dem[on]ocrats & jewdayo-whiggeroid Republicucks because then The Dying ZOG will becum-cum de-jewnited in this Second Civil War.

Try to hold on and stay sane (well relatively) Moan Bradifer. During the Second Tryal of the ZOG-Emperor is NOT the time to cycle. Take your meds, eat healthy, stay hydrated & warm, take care of the kids . . . DON’T CYCLE . . . because there can be no Accidental Dipshit without Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin going all Cunthair Walrus and back again any more than you can have a Roseanne Talmudvision Shoah without Roseanne Barr, the messed up psycho half-kikess.

That said, when you going to open up a Trump Impeachment Live Thread?

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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