When Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin “Cycles” & Becums “Cunthair Walrus”

Those who know him call him “Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin.” Every so often this mattoid “cycles” in the whitewashed steel ping-pong ball that is its mental milieu and like a hard-rubber bouncy ball winds up D-g knows where. Those of us who know Bi-Polar Bradifer from the Daze when he ran Phorafags/feebs back in the early Oughts — I was a Vanguard News Nutwork (VNNF) / TraitorGlenn Miller (TGMNNF) Boat Piss-Pull Refugee from the Billy Roper 2004 Christmas Coup to Phorafags/feebs — call this monthly “cycling” “Bi-Polar Bradifer Going All Cunthair Walrus On Us”.

I was locked up in the Fulton State NutHouse in Missery for 31 months, doped up and forced to fight with younger bigger nuts and had five teeth knocked out for refusal to accept a Pub[l]ic Pretender to [Mis]Represent Us from Dec. 2005 to July 2008 when I finally pretended to hire a lawyer and stopped getting doped up and sent back to jail to face trial. Anyways, as I responded to the jew, negress, and dothead psychiatrists who are the dregs of the profession who worked there that I and everyone locked up there knew far more about dangerous nuts who were murderers, baby & granny rapers, and sundry psychotic criminals than them silly bastards because we had to live with them 24 hours a day, seven daze a week, for six months to years on end and knew which ones were really dangerous because we had to live with them while they saw them for only a half-hour or so every couple of months. I also told them that schidzophrenia and most every other mental disease was caused by Peter Dunkin. When asked who was Peter Dunkin I would tell them that “Peter Dunkin” was a “what” not a “who.”

Every day was a grey day. I would amuse myself by causing trouble from Mondays to Wednesdays and then stop because I genuinely feared the “Ten & Five” Cocktail of Haldol and Atavan if I went too far. Eventually I got into medium security and started causing legal trouble so they wanted to get rid of me so we agreed to stop the illegal doping so I could face charges in the County Jail, where the charges fell apart.

Anyways, Bi-Polar Bradifer is the sort of little rich whigger kid who you have “protection money” paid to like Epstein who would fill up the commissary account so you could get ramen noodles, sausages, candy bars, coffee and tea bags, candy, cookies and nutty bars and protect such as Bi-Polar Bradifer from itty-bitty negroid feet from sneaking up and beating up the weaker whiggers with a plastic lawn chair or such. Us white boys would sit four to a table in the dayroom and play cards and watch out for the nutty congoids who were in for violent crimes as well as the baby & granny raping. Bi-Polar Bradifer was sent to the cackle-factory by his own rich parents & is doubtless the kind who would pay tribute.

So Bi-Polar Bradifer is of course doped up to the gills with Second Generation anti-psychotropic medications like Seroquel, Resperadal, Depakote (which makes you really fat and diabetic) and all manner of other dope. And the dosages are increased to hundreds of milligrams to where the inmate “cycles” and then crashes either due to the massive meds or they make him go “cold turkey” which can cause mania and violence. So when Bi-Polar Bradifer gets to “cycling” he becums all “Cunthair Walrus”. Bi-Polar Bradifer started claiming to be George Wallace’s grand-nephew back in 2004 on Phorafags/feebs.

Right now Bi-Polar Bradifer is channelling the Kingfish Huey Long even though to the Manor House born. He was far more fun as “Lord Skorpius” with the 25% jewboy Kane12312345666 as his Igor from back in 2011 when he was fat.

He has always had plenty of money for books from which he scans in loads of stuff and comments upon like he read them. All of which is fine. But he likes this Jersey City jew named William Baal Finck who murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief in the Jersey City Jail and fin[c]ked out the wop pig who helped kill the PR and then destroyed his appeal, cf US v. Dumers 135 F.3d 767 and US v Fin[c]k 135 F.3d 767. Baal Finck pretends to be a Greek Skrewler and See-Eye Dentist and runs Christogonnerrhea.org.

Not to mention hanging out with 1/8 jew mischlings like Dickie Spencthwer and full jews like Mike Isaac Enoch Peinovich and other Charlottesville 1.0 ZOGbots on the Board of the Foundation For the MarketPlace of Ideas (FMI) also known as the ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center (ZPLC). They also promoted Charlottesville and the League of the South, cf this 2017 501(c)(3) IRS short form attests to:


Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin is mainly harmless even when he cycles into Cunthair Walrus, and is a devout Branch Covidian.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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